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About the company

Agricultural company “Evrika” was established in 1988 in Odessa region, Southern Ukraine, with growing vegetables as the main activity. Exceptionally favorable soil and climate, beneficial geographical location, and the competence of a team let the company gradually scale up and master new business activities.The company is located in close proximity to ports and logistics hubs, which makes it possible to minimize transportation costs.

At the moment “Evrika” is a vertically integrated agro-industrial company, that grows vegetables, grain and industrial crops on some 3 000+ hectares of irrigated land, and processes vegetables and pulses.

For end-users our company produces natural canned vegetables, vegetable juices, sauces and tomato paste under the TM “From Grandmother’s Patch”, which is widely presented in Ukraine, and in limited quantities available in the markets of Europe, North America, and the Middle East. For the B2B market, we produce aseptic tomato paste, aseptic puree from carrots, pumpkins, zucchini.

In addition, we grow grain crops – wheat and barley, technical crops – sunflower and rapeseed, beans – peas, lentils, chickpeas.

Our main principles are transparency in the conduct of business, strict fulfillment of our obligations, and commitment to a long-term sustainable partnership. We will be glad to cooperate with you and will do our utmost to become your reliable partner for years to come.

Our activities

Crop production

  • Growing of vegetable, grain, leguminous and industrial crops
  • Mushroom cultivation


  • Production of canned products from vegetables, mushrooms and legumes
  • Manufacture of salted and pickled vegetables
  • Culinary products
  • Aseptic tomato paste, carrot puree, pumpkin puree for b2b market

Why choose our products

It is delicious

Our products have such excellent taste because we grow and process vegetables on our own, completely controlling all processes, choosing varieties with the best taste qualities and following the traditional recipes. The proximity of fields and the well-tuned organization of harvesting and delivery ensure the use of the most fresh vegetables

It is safe

Under the control of our laboratory, we can conserve products in a traditional way with the help of heat treatment in absolutely safe and ecological glass jars, principally never using artificial food additives. Exclusive design of jars and lids from the world’s best manufacturers provide additional protection against counterfeiting

It is affordable

As we have been growing our own vegetables since 1988, we receive benefits for agricultural producers, which gives us an additional opportunity to reduce the costs. And vertical integration with full control over the entire production cycle allows us to effectively use the available resources and offer premium products at affordable prices

Our achievements

Our partners